About Me

Welcome to Books and Baking.

I’m Shaniah!

Reader, Baker, Blogger, Student.

I have been reading and baking since I can remember and for me, a blog is a great place to further explore these interests. My blog Books and Baking was established in May 2020 with the hope of filling the lives of any potential readers with happiness and an immense love for reading and baking.

From book reviews and recommendations, to everyday bakes and luxurious cakes, I will share my experiences and journey with you all. I have just finished my English Literature degree and (although I am biased) there is nothing better than snuggling up with a great book and cup of coffee. And if you add a scrumptious bake to the mix, well you’ve got yourself a recipe for success!

If you love reading or baking (or both!) you’ll feel right at home here at Books and Baking. Feel free to get in touch and follow me on my Instagram to see my latest reads and bakes.