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Just when I thought I couldn’t love Marcus Rashford anymore, I go and read his debut book. This is an amazing novel for children, but can be enjoyed by anyone. I’d highly recommend this!

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Marcus Rashford is famous worldwide for his skills both on and off the pitch – but before he was a Manchester United and England footballer, and long before he started his inspiring campaign to end child food poverty, he was just an average kid from Wythenshawe, South Manchester. Now, Marcus Rashford MBE wants to show YOU how to achieve your dreams, in this positive and inspiring guide for life.

No matter who you are and no matter where you come from, every single person in the world has the potential to be a champion. In You Are a Champion, the nation’s favourite footballer gives you the tools you need to reach your full potential, showing you how to be the very BEST version of yourself you can be.

Written with journalist Carl Anka, this empowering guide is packed full of stories from Marcus’s own life, brilliant advice and top-tips from performance psychologist Katie Warriner. Perfect for readers who need to hear that they already are champions – they just might not know it yet.

“There is no finish line when it comes to your dreams”


You Are A Champion: How To Be The Best You Can Be is a self help, non-fiction read for children. As someone who aims to break into the children’s sector of the publishing industry, I always try to read a range of children’s books. I tend to lean towards fiction and I wanted to branch out to non-fiction. With the Euros in full swing, there was no time like the present to start reading this one.

This book is full of words of wisdom, stories of Marcus Rashford’s childhood and life, and a lot of positivity. With the difficulties of the past 18 months, I feel like all children across the world would benefit from reading this uplifting and inspirational book. This is a book that I would have benefitted from reading when I was younger, and one that I know will inspire the next generation.

“I will encounter things designed to try to break my spirit, things that try to make me feel as if I don’t belong because of the colour of my skin. That is wrong, and I will do whatever I can, for as long as I can, to stop it; not just for myself, but for other people like me too”

The action points at the end of each chapter are helpful for children to retain what they have read, but to also take on Marcus’s advice on board through completing mini tasks. Everything is actionable, clear and invaluable advice for children. Marcus talks about the highs and the lows, the mistakes and the wins, which are all lessons.

Marcus shows that he is more than what we see on the pitch. From the inspiring food campaigns that changed the lives of many children across the UK during the pandemic, to the life lessons he shares with us, Marcus is a true hero for children of our day. I loved hearing about his Mum, his Nanna and his siblings, friends and people who helped to shape the person he is today.

“Nothing changes, if nothing changes”

We learn the power of hard work and of using your voice, the importance of learning and always trying your best. I truly believe that this will empower, inspire and make a difference in the lives of a lot of children.

In the words of Marcus Rashford, You are a Champion.

Rating – ★★★★★

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