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Bianca Phipps’ debut poetry collection Crown Noble is a genuine and raw account of life and how our experiences shape who we are as people. The collection covers topics such as grief, guilt, family and identity – topics that have been discussed timelessly in poetry, but this collection really stood out for me. It is definitely worth the read!

Crown Noble, the breath-taking debut by Bianca Phipps, navigates the crossroads of familial ties and forgiveness. Phipps ruminates on the ways we are shaped as humans. Is it nature or nurture? Is it fate or a happen chance? What teaches us to love our generational inheritance, no matter how harmful? Phipps takes us to the most intimate parts of family matters in hopes of understanding conflict as a means of overcoming. -synopsis from Goodreads

Crown Noble captures the undercurrents in life, the currents that flood our everyday lives and the conflicts that stay with us forever. The collection explores family dynamics, relationships, and the impacts of these things on our lives. It was really powerful, and I was touched by the poetry and how Bianca Phipps entrusts her life within her readers hands. It was very personal and raw and that was interesting to read.

“We are only what others call us / when we aren’t around to answer it”

I particularly enjoyed the poems: Crown Regent, Born to Embody It and Almosts which touched my heart strings! I did shed a tear after reading Almosts I can’t lie! I found her verse to be imbued with love and honesty, especially when she talks about her relationship with her mother and the death of her father. Her sacrifices are laced throughout the collection but there is a sense of hope that really stands out.

“Love is the sacrifice and the carving knife / guilt is the yoke that ties me to home”

The poems really stick with you, even the shorter poems are so sharp and emotive. The collection stirred a lot of emotions within me and I am very glad I picked it up! If poetry is your kind of thing (or isn’t) and you want to try something new, I would recommend it.

“Mother is a flashing light. A tinny voice on the other end of the phone”

There are some trigger warnings so check them out before reading the poetry collection. It is being published today (August 25th) and I hope that you enjoy it if you pick it up!

Thank you to Net Galley for sharing this ARC with me in exchange for my honest review.

Rating – ★★★★

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