I Broke My Book Buying Ban: Mini Book Haul

So after looking at my gigantic TBR I decided I needed to go on a book buying ban. But you know when you are mindlessly browsing for books (which you really know you shouldn’t do but can’t help) and see something that is such a good deal you can’t not buy it? That’s what happened. And I genuinely think that I am incapable of buying just one book!

I initially only wanted to get Little Women which was £3 and then I got drawn in to the 3 for £5 books! Do I regret it? Absolutely not.

I was on The Works website and I managed to get all of these books for £8 which is AMAZING! I will give a little summary of the books I got and why I chose them below. I’d love to hear what you think of these books if you’ve read them!

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Little Women follows the lives of four sisters: Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy, who are seeking their own happiness in a world ridden with war. Living in genteel poverty in the nineteenth century United States, the book uncovers ideas of death, war, conflict but ultimately, love.

I have wanted to read Little Women since the film came out and I even went to the extent of not watching the film until I read it. But university and particularly my dissertation were screaming for my attention, and I didn’t have the time. Now I do, and I cannot wait to read this classic!

The Perfect Widow by A. M. Castle

The Perfect Widow follows Louise Bridges, a woman with a seemingly perfect life. She has a loving husband, two children and a lovely home. When PC Becca Holt arrives to tell Louise that her husband has been killed in an accident, you would think her world would have crumbled around her. But Louise only set 3 plates out for dinner that night. Did Louise know Patrick would not return home that night? And did she have something to do with his death?

This was definitely one of those books that I got because the blurb drew me in. I got this as part of the 3 for £5 books and it sounds really good. It is also available on kindle for 99p! If you know me you know I love a good thriller and this sounds really good. I am excited for this one.

A Dangerous Engagement by Ashley Weaver

Amory Ames is invited to be the bridesmaid at her childhood friend Tabitha’s wedding. She and her husband Milo travel to New York by ship, but Milo is sure that the wedding will be dull due to the Prohibition. But when a member of the wedding party is found murdered on outside the bride’s home, the trip takes a sinister turn. When Amory finds out that the deceased has ties to the notorious gangster Leon de Lora, they are drawn into another mystery.

I definitely judged the book by the cover with this one! I liked the fact that it is a period novel as I haven’t read many. I don’t know a lot about the Prohibition so it sounded really interesting for me to explore further. I wasn’t aware that this was the sixth novel in the Amory Ames series but I’ve heard you can read it as a standalone!

Half A World Away by Mike Gayle

Kerry Hayes and Noah Martineau lead different lives. Two strangers, living worlds apart. Kerry is a single mum, living on a tough London estate and working hard to provide for herself and her son. Noah is a successful barrister, living with his wife and daughter in a fashionable part of London. When Kerry reaches out to the sibling she lost when they were torn apart all those years ago, she cannot even imagine the consequences of her actions.

I’ve heard some amazing things about this novel on bookstagram lately, so I knew I had to pick it up! And at only £2, I couldn’t say no. I’m really excited to Buddy Read this with my friend Ruby in August!

Have you read any of these books? Are any of them on your tbr?

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